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I have at least 25 years experience in & with small business covering a number of industries including retail, customer service, hospitality, management, technical & more.

Now living full time in Spain, semi-retired for the last 12 years at quite an early age & for the past six years helping a number of clients with success in their businesses.

Basehound Media runs with a full client portfolio and has done so for the last five years, in order to help more small businesses succeed I have a new online project planned to teach people everything they need to know about how to successfully market their business online.

Our Story

What makes me think I can help your business?

New businesses are starting up every day & 90% fail within a few years, the main reason for failing isn't lack of knowledge or experience in the entrepreneurs chosen field:

  • The main reason for failure is that they run out of cash to keep the business afloat.
  • The main reason for running out of cash is not enough sales.
  • The main reason for such low sales is lack of awareness of the Company, product or service by the intended customer.
  • The main reason for the lack of awareness is a lack of investment, knowledge or expertise in marketing, advertising and promoting the business.

Every business in this day and age needs to be seen and it's never been so easy to achieve this by using the many different platforms and tools online. However small business owners don't have the staff availability or sometimes the time or sometimes the technical knowledge to be able to do what needs to be done.

This is what I do for Basehound Media clients. Most have their businesses in the UK and I am in Spain, but this is the age of the internet & everything that needs to be done, can be done from anywhere in the world.


Paul Farrington

Owner at Basehound Media

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If you'd like to inquire further, please send an email initially explaining where you need assistance. I promise I'll get back to you as soon as I can.