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Social Media for business today is a lot more than just having a Facebook page.

Not only does your business need to be seen, it needs to shine above all the competition out there.

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With millions of websites fighting everyday for the attention of your customers, your business really needs something sharp and up to date in order to cut through the fog.
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Statistics show that email marketing is still one of the best ways to get your message across to your audience, so your business needs to look at it’s best in every contact it has with potential and existing customers.

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It all starts with a graphic!!
As human beings we are very visual and attracted to bright, stunning images.
From your leaflets to your branding we'll help you create the right image.

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Every day small businesses are competing in the same market as large corporations, often without the luxuries of dedicated marketing teams and technical departments at the beck & call of the MD.

Small business may not have such deep pockets, but the expertise & enthusiasm they do have, when channeled correctly can have surprisingly wondrous effects.

At Basehound Media we have 25 years experience with small business & can help you reach the goals you'd like to achieve.

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